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The purpose of the MLAD Consulting d.o.o. website is to present the company’s activities to the public, update upcoming changes in the company’s operations to ensure accurate information, enable easier and faster access for clients and job applicants, all with the aim of proportionally expanding business and achieving a better position in the market.

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Information about Cookie Usage

These are very small text files that your server places on your computer or mobile device when you visit our website to track the selection of specific language variants of our pages, as well as when entering parts of the pages that require the input of a username and password, and advertising. This enables the website to recognize your computer when you visit our site again. Cookies on our website do not spy on users and do not track everything the user does, and they are not malicious code or viruses, nor are they associated with unwanted messages (spam). Cookies cannot be used to run programs or set viruses on your computer. Some cookies that our web server places are automatically deleted from your computer at the end of the session, or when you leave our site. You can still view our pages without using cookies if your web browser is set up that way.

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What are cookies?
A cookie is information stored on your computer by the website you visit. Cookies usually store your settings, website settings, such as preferred language or address. Later, when you open the same website again, the web browser sends back cookies that belong to that site. This allows the site to display information tailored to your needs.

Cookies can store a wide range of information, including personal information (such as your name or email address). However, this information can only be stored if you allow it – websites cannot access information that you have not given them, and they cannot access other files on your computer. Default cookie storage and sending activities are not visible to you. However, you can change your web browser settings and choose whether to approve or reject cookie storage requests, and automatically delete stored cookies when you close your web browser, etc.

What types of cookies are on our website?

Cookies by duration

Persistent Cookies
Persistent or stored cookies remain on your computer after closing the web browser. Using them, websites store data, such as login names and passwords, language settings, or cookie settings, so you don’t have to re-enter them each time you visit. Persistent cookies can remain on your computer or mobile device for days, months, or even years.
– Temporary Cookies
Temporary cookies or session cookies are removed from your computer after closing the internet browser. Using them, websites store temporary data, such as the last few pages you opened on the site you visited, or items in the shopping cart if you’re on a site specialized in online shopping.
– Cookies by source
– First-Party Cookies
First-party cookies come from the website you are viewing and can be persistent or temporary. Using these cookies, websites can store data that will be used again during your next visit to that website.
– Third-Party Cookies
Third-party cookies come from other websites that are on the website you are viewing. Using these cookies, other websites can track internet usage on the website you are viewing for marketing purposes.
Cookies by function
– Technical Cookies – mandatory cookies (always active) – necessary for the functioning of the website and cannot be turned off in our systems. They are usually set in response to your actions that involve requesting services, such as cookie settings, logging in, or filling out forms. You can set your browser to block these cookies or to give you a warning about them, but in this case, some parts of the website will not work. These cookies do not store any information that could identify you.
– Functional cookies (can be turned off) – allow the website to provide enhanced functionality and personalization. We can set them or third-party service providers whose services are added to our pages. If you do not enable these cookies, some of these features may not function properly.
– Statistical cookies (can be turned off) – allow tracking of visits and sources of traffic for the purpose of measuring and improving the efficiency of the website.

Data collection systems are set up by MLAD Consulting d.o.o. or one of our partners.

Data collection systems that we set up include:
Data collection systems strictly necessary for the functioning of the web pages and the provision of our services. We use them to store data about your logins or access to web pages and the use of services to apply security measures or customize the website settings on your device (language, operating system, etc.). These data collection systems also allow you to access your personal account on the website.
Analytical data collection systems. We use them to create statistical data about website views and the use of its different parts (visited pages and viewed content, user usage patterns) that help us improve the content on the website and improve the quality of our services.
– Data collection systems for advertising. These data collection systems allow us to analyze your use of the website and ads displayed on the website so that we can offer you ads that match your interests on the website or on the websites of our partners. These data collection systems specifically allow us to (i) count and identify displayed ads, (ii) count users who clicked on each ad, and (iii) track the behavior of such users on the pages to which these ads lead.
We may also share some of the data collected using data collection systems with our partners to enable them to conduct visitor behavior research.

Data collection systems set up by third parties:
Some of our business partners are allowed to set up data collection systems on the website for the purposes mentioned above. The setting up and use of such data collection systems are subject to privacy protection rules authored by third parties.

Can I disable cookies?
You can disable cookies by enabling the setting in your browser that allows you to refuse the placement of all or certain cookies. By blocking cookies, you will still be able to browse our pages, but some features will be limited.
To learn more about cookies, including how to see cookies that have been set and how to manage them, visit or
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How long do cookies last?
Cookies can expire at the end of a browser session and be deleted after closing the internet browser; these are temporary cookies (“session cookies”). Cookies can also be stored on your hard drive and remain there even after you close your web browser; these are persistent cookies (“persistent cookies”). The table below indicates whether a specific cookie is temporary or permanent. Except for essential cookies, all cookies will be removed when they are no longer needed or expired.

How can I change my settings?
By disabling cookies, you decide whether you want to allow cookie storage on your computer or mobile device. Cookie settings can be controlled and configured in your web browser. If you disable cookies, you may not be able to use some of the features on the website.