Who We Are?

Our Mission

MLAD Consulting d.o.o. is an international supplier of automation and control technology solutions for industrial and logistics equipment in many industries.

Our highly trained employees have many years of experience in worldwide projects and can realize customized and efficient solutions.

We have partners in different countries in the world. Our global network is the basis for our success. Our technical support is never far away.

Applying the experiences gathered in implementing projects on various continents and within various cultures we can adapt to the formalities and procedures required in any country and ensure high standards of quality.

We ensure high standards of quality through continuous improvement processes.

Before implementation of any project, we make an in-depth analysis of the client`s requirements, furthermore, we analyze areas where we see room for improvement. We develop the best solutions – technically, functionally and economically – proposing innovative technology at the lowest cost possible. Our goal is to provide our clients with optimal solutions.

Our professional approach to developing individual solutions is rewarded with satisfied customers and repeated orders.

Our core values

At our company, our core values form the foundation of everything we do. Honesty and fairness guide our actions, fostering trust and transparency in all interactions. Teamwork is our strength, uniting diverse talents to achieve shared goals. Sustainability and responsibility drive our choices, ensuring a brighter future for generations to come.

Respect and genuine care for others are woven into our culture, creating a supportive environment where every voice matters. Adhering to quality and schedules is non-negotiable, reflecting our commitment to delivering excellence. We hold the existence of our business close, safeguarding it through prudent decisions and a long-term vision

These core values are more than words – they’re the driving force behind every step we take, shaping our present and paving the way for our future success.